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ROSIS has published a number of newsletters which focus on particular themes identified from the database.

The following news letters have been distributed to persons who have submitted their email address to the ROSIS organisation. If you want to be on the email list for future news letters submit your email address to Joanne Cunningham

Issue 1: Introduction to ROSIS
The first issue is about the ROSIS project.

Issue 2: In-vivo dosimetry
The second issue covers some incidents and discussions in relation to in-vivo dosimetry.

Issue 3: Patient identification
Incidents involving mistakes in patient identity - either treating the wrong patient or treating one patient with the prescription of another patient are covered in issue three.

Issue 4: Data transfer
Data transfer errors have been a recurrent issue in incidents reported to ROSIS; issue four focuses on this problem.

Issue 5: Record and Verify Systems
Issue five looks at incidents relating to the use of record and verify systems.

Issue 6: ROSIS in the literature
Issue six highlights the growing number of publications which have analysed ROSIS reports or draw attention to the potential impact of ROSIS.

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