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How to register your clinic within ROSIS

The first step in becoming an active ROSIS participant is registration. This means that you must first complete and return a registration form giving details of your clinic and the local contact person who will be responsible for submitting reports. This will be the only time that you will be asked for this information.

On receipt of the registration form, you will be sent a username and password which will be your unique identifier. All information submitted thereafter will be anonymised. Clinic details are confidential, are stored separately from the incident information, and cannot be accessed by users of this website.

The registration form includes details of the equipment, staff and environment in your centre. This information relates to the complexity of the processes within departments and will be used by the ROSIS group to carry out trend analyses of incidents in relation to complexity of practice, working environment and educational background of professional staff in a range of clinic types. You will be asked to check and update your clinic information on an annual basis. Click here to download the registration form

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